Latest News From Haiti
  • Pregnant-mother-&-baby

    04-18-2014 - 8:17 PM

    One of the most heart wrenching problems for mothers and babies in Haiti is not having enough food. Many children under the age of five suffer from malnutrition, and as a result their hair turns red. Many mothers have no food for their babies and pregnant women are also at risk. Read Sherry’s Journal tomorrow afternoon to see what we are doing when we “hear the cry of the poor.” There are two very great needs and we need your help. Sherry

  • Rad-&-Haitians

    04-18-2014 - 5:52 PM

    We welcomed Love A Child’s Assistant Executive Director Rad Hazelip to Haiti yesterday. He has been very busy developing our future Agricultural Training Center. FAITH doesn’t know we don’t have all of the money to finish this project yet. By FAITH! Bobby

  • Orphans plant Moringa trees

    04-18-2014 - 2:05 PM

    Here are some of our Love A Child children potting future Moringa trees inside one of our shade houses. God bless Joe Perkins and his team for these wonderful shade houses. Joe and his team are returning on Monday to build three more shade houses at our Agricultural Training Center! Bobby

  • Bobby and Sherry

    04-18-2014 - 6:26 AM

    “He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor.” Proverbs 22:9 – Have a blessed Good Friday! Bobby and Sherry

  • Dieubon-Before-and-After-4-14

    04-17-2014 - 6:38 PM

    This is Dieubon. He was born with the same problems as Dieuferly. (The other young boy you read about last night.) Dieubon had severe clubfeet and malnutrition. We discovered him while conducting a mobile clinic in the mountains. He had several surgeries in the States, and was raised in our Love A Child Orphanage. He gets up every morning (by himself) at 4:30 and begins washing the vehicles with the other boys. He is one of our “best kids!” God bless you partners for the “fruit of your labor.” Bobby and Sherry